Madeline Lee

I jumped into wedding and event planning right out of college because I had a passion for it. At the small liberal arts college I attended, the university motto might as well have been “ring by spring.” That motto was music to my ears! When I graduated in 2016, I opened a beach storefront selling wedding gowns and coordinating events, mostly weddings. Two short years later, I was coordinating my own wedding at a lovely oceanfront county club in Fort Lauderdale. After having my wedding, the country club hired me to coordinate events for them full time.

Planning a wedding or any type of event for that matter can become frustrating but when you plan it for what you want, not what others want, that’s when magic happens. A wedding can easily turn into a sh*it show when you try to fit the mold of what you think you should do instead of what you actually want to do.

I’m here for YOUR wedding, not your soon-to-be mother in law’s wedding.

It’s 2020 no one needs to be told what to like, we have google for that. What you need is me to do the hard work for you, a second opinion, and a hype girl. I specialize in all three.

I love LOVE and am always ready to do whatever it takes to make your day exactly how you envision it.

Lets have some fun!

x Madeline Lee